I grew up on the soccer fields of Louisville, KY. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home; I found Christ my freshman year of college (Spring 2012) at a small Christian University. How in the world did I end up at a Christian University when I wasn’t a Christian? A soccer scholarship. After my freshman year, I transferred to a school in central Kentucky where I played my final 3 years of eligibility.

8 months after I committed my life to Christ, a traumatic event occurred

and triggered an eating disorder that I’ve been battling with ever since. After it nearly took my life in 2015, I fully handed it over to God and have felt His love and grace covering me ever since. Now I am following God obediently, which is why I have created this blog. As I write to you I want you to know I am not perfect. I still struggle. I only get by because I have learned to rely on Jesus Christ.

I am an extroverted girl that loves Jesus with all her heart. If I eat sugary foods in a car, really just in general, I bounce off the walls. It is rare you won’t see me with a smile on my face. I laugh at almost every joke I hear, even if it isn’t funny. I embrace my ADD and refuse to take medicine for it. I have a cat named Polly, it’s a boy, that is literally obsessed with me and has anxiety attacks when I am gone. I  rollerblade in my spare time even though I’m not very good at it. I am engaged to the most amazing guy (I’m a little bias!) Yup… I think that’s it. XOXO