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New Habit

I have a bad habit. When fall comes with its chilly air it brings about the same struggle every year; my love for my bed grows deeper and my desire to get up and get things done shrinks. It doesn’t help that I have added another layer of blankets that cozy up to my body so well. This season is always a rough start and my mornings tend to go like this:

  • alarm goes off
  • wake up but linger in my bed
  • set another alarm
  • wake up and dread getting up
  • lay around a little more
  • finally get up because I’m now running behind
  • I start to stress out
  • I am in a rush to get to work

My morning routine is so off I rarely take a moment to talk to God and dig into the Bible. These actions leave me in a frantic mood and I don’t have my eyes on the One who directs my paths and brings peace to my soul.

I honestly didn’t see this as a problem until hearing about my fiance’s morning routine and work ethic. Something needs to change. I found myself praying

God how do I change this? My bed is so comfortable and warm and relaxing but it has begun to ruin my days. Show me the steps I need to take to have a productive morning.’

2 months. Studies say it take 2 months to start a new habit. So I lay down my foot here and declare that today is the first day of these 2 months to better my morning routine. If you struggle in this same way, I invite you to join me on this journey and we can both see how God uses and changes us in mighty ways.

The first step I am taking is this: the moment my alarm goes off I must pop out of bed; NO LINGERING. I will immediatly get on my knees and pray (I have a prayer journal I am going to use so my ADD mind won’t go in a million different directions that don’t even deal with talking to God.) To be honest just thinking about getting out of bed and not laying around makes my heart yern to lay in my bed in this moment. But good things are to come through this, I know it.

Lord, give me an obedient heart. I know you promise good things to me and you want me to lean into you in every aspect of my life. I surrender my mornings to you. Have your way and produce good fruit from these actions. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen. 

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