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Truly Known

I truly believe every human has this desire to be known stitched inside them, we seek it everyday whether it’s being known through social media, at your high school or college, maybe at work, or even with your significant other. In college, I was determined to get this feeling of being known met. I wanted everyone on campus to know my name and who I was; I never had that in high school. Almost everyone knew who I was  by the end of my Sophomore year but it didn’t make me happy and that desire to be known was still burning in me. I did have on thing right, being known would make me happy; but it isn’t about having more followers or friends or a nice fancy title, that’s not the known I’m talking about. I’m talking about being known so well that even though you screw up and mess up and hurt people, that you are still loved and adored. That you are so known that someone was willing to die for you. There is only one thing that knows you like this… That is the One True God.

You don’t have to go looking for fame because guess what, the God of the universe is watching you and He is your number 1 fan. You don’t have to worry about finding the right guy or girl because guess what, the Creator wants to be in a relationship with you.

He knows your name. He knows your story. Yet He still loves YOU.

You might be thinking right now ‘how do I know this is true?’ Here’s your answer:

God sent His son, Jesus, to the world. Jesus left heaven, which he referred to as paradise (Luke 23:43) (picture those Sandals resort commercials with the white sand and relaxing views but 10,000x better.) So, Jesus left paradise to come to earth. Not only that, He became fully human, yet still fully God, to show you and me how to live. AND THEN, He was rejected by us! He died on the cross to save us. 2,000 years ago dying on a cross was the must horrible death you could’ve had. After having your arms and legs nailed to a piece of wood while you are still alive, you just hang this until you die. Jesus could’ve bypassed that suffering but he knew what was at stake and it was the only way to save you and me.

Someone died for you because you are loved and cherished so much. Would you have ever imagined that someone would do this for you? Would you die for a friend, sibling, parent? I might. Now would you die for the person that you can’t stand, the bully, the know it all, the person that rejected you or took your job? I honestly wouldn’t. But Jesus did. He knew that you may never love him back, but he died for you anyway. 

So many people think God is distant; maybe it seems like he is up in heaven not really caring or doing anything to help us and we are down here and were all just doing our own thing. Come to find out, God actually wants to be near and close to you and me.

This might freak you out. You might be thinking “So, God knows me… and He watches me… So He saw me bully that peer, watch porn, get drunk, cheat on that test, gossip about my ‘friend,’ lie to my friends and family and teammates….” And after thinking all this you fear the idea of God knowing you and all your dirt. You would rather Him not know you!

Some people don’t want to risk being truly known because we fear rejection.

Let me just tell you, Jesus will never reject you. He became rejected for you so that you could be fully known. There is nothing you can do to change this. God stitched that desire to be known in us, and He is the only one that can fill that need. Some things may fill you with happiness for a little while but it is only temporary. God is eternal. 

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