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Take A Stand

Raise your hand if you worry about the future (I am raising my hand with you!) In some things I am able to fully rely on God: my job circumstance, my relationship with Tyler and my family and friends, living situations. I have no worries because I trust God in them, because I have seen Him work in those areas specifically. But there is one area I tend to trip up on, it leads me into actually fearing to have kids one day. Maybe you have that one specific thing that trips you up and causes you such great fear, you want to avoid the situation at all cost. I have been reading through the Old Testament, something I’ve always been intimated to do. But God placed these books in the Bible for a reason.

Once you get to 1 Kings, you have come to a point in Biblical history where David has become “a king after God’s heart.” So much hope to follow you would think! But after David had passed the thrown to his son Solomon things started to go down hill. Each king got further from God, worshipping other gods (they were usually led astray by women that God specifically told the Israelites not to marry, He does know best.)  After 4 generations of the kings of Judah making horrible, sinful decisions one king decides to make a stand.

Asa. The first thing described about Asa in 1 Kings 15:11 is that he “…did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.” He made Jerusalem and the rest of Judah a land devoted to God. He was not perfect, but he knew what was right in the Lord’s eyes and was focused and obedient to bringing this part of Israel back to its former glory!

For me, I fear making a mess of my kids lives and starting habits that will taint future generations. My fear is that they will hate their bodies and form an eating disorder just like I did. That they will have that battle for the rest of their lives, just like I do. I’m sure you have you worries too dealing with your future or current family. I just want to tell you, God wants you to take a stand.

  • alcoholic tendencies in the family?
  • divorce’s that run deep in your family tree?
  • no one in your family has a college degree?
  • abusive family?

You can make a stand. Literally proclaim “I am not going to continue this streak.”  Look for what is right in God’s eyes via the Bible and pursue that change, just like king Asa did. Allow the Holy Spirit to do a new thing in your family! As for me, I have to hand my fear over to God. Knowing that as long as I keep my eyes on Him, fully pursing and being guided by the Holy Spirit, my kids will be fine. God is in control, trust that and praise Him for that.

This doesn’t only have to deal with your family. This could deal with some sin you are struggling with. You don’t have to continue living that way. Make a stand. Don’t live in fear. God is greater.

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