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Reminders Through A Flower

If you notice in my logo there is a flower; a poppy to be exact. While having lunch with a friend over the summer, she started discussing how God places an image of a flower in her head. I had never heard anything like it. So naturally I began praying for God to do the same. Most things in this day and age are instant, and I was hoping God would instantly put a illustration of a flower in my head that day… but He didn’t. I continued to pray.

Soon enough I could make out what the flower looked like and that it was red, but I had no idea what kind of flower this was. It baffled me. It was on the tip of my tongue. It got to the point where I was just looking up flowers on the internet to find out what it was; and I did. God had being placing this blooming, red, poppy in my mind. Soon after that it started to pop up in real life. Poppy’s in a field as I’m driving, poppy’s on plates in a house I was housesitting for, poppy’s drawn on houses as I walk down the broken streets of Wilkens Ave in Baltimore during a mission trip, and even  right in front of me in my own living room, a beautiful painting of a poppy flower that has been there for at least 7 years. God reveals himself to me in this flower. A poppy has multiple different meanings, and I think God uses this flower in different ways for me.

  1. Restful sleep and recovery- going through recovery from my eating disorder, I only worked part-time (not necessarily my choice but definitely God’s.) He knew I needed to rest and recover. When I wear myself out, God reminds me to rest. I got a concussion this past Easter Sunday. As I was on my way to the hospital, a blooming poppy kept popping up in my head over and over again. I could hear God whispering into my heart “rest Alex, you need to rest.”  I have gotten lost of restful sleep this week don’t worry 🙂
  2. Messages delivered in dreams
  3. Resurrection and eternal life- My old self is gone, dead. I am not that person anymore. I have been raised to life, never to turn back. When I’m tempted to fall back into my old ways, time and time again God will use a poppy to remind me that I have been resurrected through Jesus Christ. I don’t live in the struggle of wanting to starve myself to gain control or as a way of punishment. I have been set free.
  4. Beauty– God uses the poppy to speak to me mainly in this way. To remind me that earthly beauty isn’t what I should be striving for. When I feel like I won’t ever be beautiful, God reminds me that to Him I am more than that. I am a blooming poppy. Thank you God for the sweet reminder.
  5. Success- I don’t see this as success like I’m going to have a great business or a million dollars. I see it as God’s Kingdom will succeed. It already has and it will never lose. No matter the pain I see or go through, no matter how much sin overtakes this world, there is still hope because of Jesus. As I discussed earlier, I saw a drawing of a poppy on a home in Baltimore, right next to their A/C unit in their window. Wilkens Ave is a place where there is little hope to be seen. There is hardly any electricity in the houses or water. Houses catch on fire every day because the people are using candles as their source of light. The drug problem on this street is one of the worst in the country. Pimps take their “discount” ladies (these are women that are being prostituted at a low price because to the pimps and buyers they aren’t worth much) to work the streets at night and even during the day. As I walked down these streets during the day there was little to no hope to be seen. But I know God has big plans for Wilkens Ave and Baltimore. He revealed it through that poppy painted on that house. Never lose hope. God is bigger.

God might not speak to you in this sort of way, and that is okay! It’s not a one size fits all. I also don’t use this as my only communication with God. Everyday I dig into my Bible and continually pray throughout the day.  God just uses it to send me reminders.

Our God works in many amazing ways, we just have to ask that our eyes would be open to what God wants us to see and for our hearts to be open for how He wants to speak to us. God is good.

*If this post doesn’t make sense it is because I am still concussed…. and probably should be resting like I talked about on point #1…. oh well 🙂

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