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You Are Cherished

I have finally named my blog! This seriously stumped me. If it wasn’t for my friends husband Hunter at Wake Designs my blog would still be my name, which isn’t what I wanted. Because this blog isn’t about me, the credit doesn’t go to me: it goes to God. So praise the Lord for Hunter’s creativeness.

So why Cherished?

The word I knew I wanted the name to be based off of was valuable. Because I want everyone who reads this blog to realize how valuable they are, maybe the world doesn’t value you; but God sure does. He is so passionate about you, his creation, that He hated being separated from you. In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, it goes into detail of how God created everything. Throughout the first chapter, after God creates something it always follows with “God saw that it was good.” Except for one thing. The firmament aka Heaven (Genesis 1:6-8 KJV.) He didn’t see it as good because he knew what was to come; sin. He knew He would have to be separated from us because of our sinful nature and because God is Holy. He didn’t like that He was going to be separated from us but He knew it wouldn’t be for forever. He valued you from the very beginning. 

From there, Hunter looked up synonyms for the word valuable, that’s when we hit gold.

To cherish someone is to:

  1. protect and care for (someone) lovingly.
  2. hold (something) dear.
  3. keep (a hope or ambition) in one’s mind.

Cherished isn’t a thing, it’s an action. That’s exactly what God’s love is: it’s something that is consistently being done to you. Yes, you. The one and only God wants to protect you (Psalm 18:1-20.) He cares for you (Matthew 10:30-31.) He value you (Psalm 139:13-16.) He has a great future for you (Jeremiah 29:11.)

My hope is that every women, girl, boy or man gets a slight grasp of God’s great love for them from my blog. I want it to inspire and convict you to love more purely, seek for God’s heart, and to walk obediently with the Lord.

You are loved. You are valued. You are Cherished. Jesus wouldn’t have died for you if He didn’t believe that.


Also HUGE shout out to Lauren Wilhite and Hunter Stehpenson for the awesome logo! Go check them out! 🙂

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