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Walk into the Wave

Since graduating college, I have been on a 2 1/2 year journey to find a full-time job (this is super humbling to admit.) I was so set on being in the professional sports industry that I wouldn’t take the hint God was giving me that He didn’t want me there. Every door would slam shut in my face, and then God hit me with the unexpected: go into full-time ministry… as a career. Me? People who knew me in college would laugh at that. I was so disobedient to God and did not represent Christ in any sort of way during my time in college. Because of this, I delayed my calling. The past year I have been trying to figure out where exactly God want me. Currently I am working at a wonderful church called Southeast Christian, here God has stretched me and pruned me.

2 1/2 years of praying for a full-time job…. Hardly a sign of it being answered until now.

Starting May 1st I will be leaving my role in the sports and fitness center at Southeast to be a full-time Youth Counselor at Maryhurst in Louisville. Jesus knew when to go and he knew when to stay. He continually went out to places people wouldn’t dare to go, where the darkness was overwhelming and hope was no where to be found. Jesus knew when to go because He listened to God. God will call us to the same thing, when the time is right in His eyes not ours. This is that moment for me. At Maryhurst, I will be working with girls that have never been loved. Some have been given up by their parents, some have had horrible family lives and have deep issues because of it. I am truly blessed that God will be using my passion to love on these girls and show them how valuable they are.

God has taught me a few things through this whole process:

  1. Not having a prayer answered immediately is a blessing in itself
  2. God protects us– there have been many job situations that I could’ve gotten that would have been horrible for me; both spiritually and mentally draining. Sometimes we think we know what we want in that moment but God knows whether it is actually good for us
  3. God has been shaping my past experiences to prepare me for this position– if I would’ve gotten this job a year ago or even 6 months ago, I wouldn’t be spiritually ready for it.
  4. Trust His timing– it is always better than ours

This role I am taking at Maryhurst is not an easy one, these girls come to live at this facility when nothing else has worked. When I first looked into the job I told myself “no way Alex. This is too much. You cannot handle this.” After praying about this position I realized what God was speaking into my heart:

I am standing on the beach, my feet comfortably in the shallow part of the water, up to my ankles. It is comfortable and there are little waves hitting my ankles but nothing intense, just comfortable. But God doesn’t wait me to stay there. He is calling me into the waves, all the way under. When a wave hits me, only He can hold me up. He wants full reliance on Him in my job.

So I am walking confidently into those waves, not sure of what all is to come but trusting God has got this. Sometimes what God is calling you to do can seem intimidating and a little crazy. Maybe He is calling you to walk into the waves and fully rely on Him in it. I suggest you go. I know He has something great waiting for you.

I would appreciate your prayers as I move into this new role and that these girls would be healed and set free by Jesus!

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