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Do I Really Love God?

There was a hard truth I had to come to in my faith: Do I really love God? From the moment I became a Christian in 2012, I professed my love for God with my words but when it came to my actions, it never matched up. Honestly, I was completely blind- my eyes weren’t open to this truth. I was in cycle of sin and blaspheme. I feel like a lot of Christians live in this same cycle today. The real question we have to come to isn’t do I really love God? It’s how do I love God? Hidden away in the new testament John writes it as clear as you can get.

In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. 1 John 5:3

God provided commands (Law) to protect us, not control us. If God wanted to control us, He never would’ve given humans free will! The commands he personally inscribed with his finger for you and me (Exodus 20) are covered in love and Fatherly protection. A lot of people have this misunderstanding that these commands suck the fun out of life, a lie straight from the devil I might add. If you ask Him, God will change your heart into His and give you obedience that desires to follow His commands.

So, why is following God’s commands such a massive love language to Him? As I mentioned earlier, God gave us free will. Why would he do such a thing, that’s how things got tainted in the first place (Genesis 3)!

God wants us to freely choose Him in every moment of every day.

When you decided to not have idols in your life, you are choosing God and showing Him you love Him.

When you tell the truth, you are choosing God and showing Him you love Him.

When you decide to not steal that shirt you can’t afford but want, you are choosing God and showing Him you love Him.

When you decide not to get drunk, you are choosing God and showing Him you love Him.

 Nothing says I love you like I choose you! So be grateful for the free will God has given you and make the decision to choose Him every day, that is how you love God.

Father God, thank you for giving me the chance to choose you in my words and actions. Thank you for sending your Son to save me, redeem me, and love me. I pray that I can love you boldly every single day. Thank you for you Law and your protective heart. Change my heart to love your Law and to desire to live by it. Open my eyes to show me that real, fun, life starts with You. Amen.

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