True Character

Last week I discussed the importance of knowing exactly what you want in a man and writing them down so you are reminded of that everyday. I sincerely hope have taken the time to do this or even reflect and pray about the idea.

So lets say you have a guy in mind, or even one that you are already dating. You might not be sure about him or maybe you are, I have been at this point many times. After choosing the wrong guy one to many times for my liking, I finally decided to take it to God and have Him help me out in knowing if this guy is the real deal for me or not.

 Warning: this is a bold prayer and God will not fail in answering it.

“Father God, reveal _(insert name here)_ true character to me. Open my eyes and allow me to see what you are revealing and give me the obedience to do what is right in your eyes. Amen”

We can become so blinded by our earthly eyes that it can become foggy and hard to discern someone’s true heart and intentions in our lives; that’s why we need the light to reveal it to us.

“And when all things are brought out to the light, then their true nature is clearly revealed.” Ephesians 5:13 GNT

Our Father wants to guide us, but we have to allow Him to do His work in every area of our lives. Maybe you are already dating a person and you aren’t sure if they are really who they say they are; ask God to reveal their true character with His light. Maybe there is a guy in your economics class that you think is cute; ask God to reveal their true character with His light. Maybe you are in a long term relationship with someone and you are sure you know who they are; still ask God to reveal their true character with His light. You will be AMAZED at what God shows you through this prayer. He has saved me countless times from starting something with someone because I asked Him to open my eyes and reveal who that guy really was.

This is easy to pray, but difficult to listen. Especially if your heart is already set on someone and God reveals their true character. Trust God. Be obedient. Be amazed at what He will do through this.

***This isn’t just for girls, guys do this too!!

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